Monday, March 1, 2010

Clifford has been Found!

This morning the LIttle Guy had his first exposure to Clifford.
My husband has been trying to give me a littl extra sleep in the mornings and discovered that turning on Cartoon Network ( can buy an extra half hour while he "opens up shop" (the church mainly) for the day. Today just happened to be the Clifford time slot - and the Little Guy is hooked!
He loves dogs so he watches it with his stuffed dog. They are really too cute talking to the dog on TV!
As you may know I"m not a huge fan of purposless TV or using hte TV to babysit but Clifford once in a while is like giving the Little Guy a little American culture lesson because it is so different from Japanese shows. not to mention that it is in English ;-)
Here is the PBS Kids Clifford site:

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