Monday, March 8, 2010

Change of Scene - Ikea

As spring comes we often find it hard to play outside. Rainy, wet days are followed by damp, cool days. A trip to the playground is usually a muddy mess! One good solution: IKEA! It is by far the most family-friendly store that I know of in Japan. And, there are a few on Tokyo to choose from. I could go on and on about how much I love their stuff but instead thisis about Ikea through the eyes of the Little Guy.
Does this chair come in a smaller size?
Trying out all the beds and chairs can leave you feeling like Goldilocks visiting the three bears.
Tea break!
Wile mommy is mentally redecorating the house there is plenty of time to try out some of the great Ikea dishes.

The original play station.
These triangular treasures are placed where moms and dads are likely to linger the longest.
The first serious attempt at playing the memory game.
Finally, stuff that's my size!
"Testing" the products in the kids area not only keeps the kids busy, it also gives the parents a chance to see what might make a great present for the next birthday!

Other great Ikea points include:
☆ kids menu for lunch
☆ play area in the dining rooms
☆ family bathrooms
☆ family rest room (diaper change and nursing space)
☆ kids can explore the display areas
☆ indoors - great for rainy days!
☆ affordable
☆ kid and family activities throughout the year!

Of course you can't face the hour-long train ride home without a little ice cream first!

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