Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week and Weather Wheels

As we move towards the the LIttle Guy being 2.5 I've noticed some clear jumps in his cognitive development. Last summer he was working on grasping a sense of time. Recently it has changed to naming the days of the week and what we do on each day. To help clarify things a bit I made the Days of the Week Wheel that is on the right in the picture below.
It's really a simple idea that has saved us quite a bit of frustration! You could use a pointer to mark the day, I use a magnet since the wheel resides on our fridge.
Here is a simple look at our week:
Sunday - Church
Monday - Cleaning and laundry
Tuesday - Baby Signing Time Classes
Wednesday - Family Time
Thursday - Piano class
Friday - park, friends
Saturday - iChat (video conference) the Grandma and Grandpa

On the days that we need to get up and out the door it is very helpful to have the wheel to turn to. We can talk about what we did yesterday, what we'll do today and what the plan is for tomorrow. The wheel also comes in handy when plans get changed because he can see that even if today is different the overall week will follow the same routine.

The other wheel is for the weather. I had been debating for a while about making one... but last week I needed it for class which turned out to be the perfect motivation to get it done. (I think teaching a class with parenting topics really pushes you to be a more active parent!)
If you look closely you'll see that I only included the weather that we experience. The sun is the biggest area since we tend to have a lot of sunny days. Recently the Little Guy's morning greeting has become "It's a sunny day!". I wonder what he'll say if he wakes up and it's not sunny?

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adelantegirl said...

I am DEFINITELY doing this when I figure out what we do each day of the week! So far Sunday's and Thursdays are our only sure bets! The rest fits in somehow in this crazy life we lead! This helps me sort out my thoughts though. One major activity that you spend time doing that day. That is enough to help the child feel ordered and know what to expect The rest is incidentals....Thanks!