Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Train Worth Riding

Over the break we had the chance to take an overnight trip.  One of the best parts was riding on the Superview Odoriko train (スーパービュー踊り子) from Tokyo to the south.  We've taken the train before so this time we made sure to get an early reservation for one of the best seats on the train.

This is the view from Car 10, Row 1, Seats a, b.  Not only were we on the ocean side of the train we also had a front row (or back row) seat.  The Little Guy (and big guy) had a great time watching the tracks go by.  We also passed many trains, cranes, bridges and tunnels!

The other advantage of being in car 10 is that the first floor has a kids room.  There is even a private area for nursing and diaper changes.  When traveling with kids who don't sit still this room can be a life saver!
With all of the great features you'd expect this train to cost a lot but it is actually cheaper than taking the shinkansen (bullet train).
If you have time, why not enjoy the journey with a great front row seat?

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