Thursday, August 27, 2009

Signing Review

As I am preparing to teach a new class of baby signing I've been looking back at the little signing moments we caught on video via the digital camera.
The quality is low, I'm a total amateur at this, but you might get inspired.
I just watched the video from beginning to end. Baby signs have saved us so much stress! The best example is the last clip where his foot is caught. He could have screamed and cried, instead he calmly signed "ouch/hurt" and pointed at his foot.
When he's hungry, thirsty, sleepy he can tell us without crying and frustration. He could also ask "Where's Daddy?" and tell me what he was thinking long before he could say the words.
It has been so much fun getting little glimpses of what is going on inside his brain!
I love baby signing!

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