Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fruit and Veggie Work

This morning the little guy watched me make meat loaf for lunch. He tried to help out with the mixing of ingredients and taking things from the fridge.
About a half hour after we put the meat loaf in the oven he asked for his "cutting". He loves to play with toy food. These pieces are made of wood and connect with magnets so I keep them in a special place for special times.
Once he got his hands on them he set up a little place to do his cutting He even tried various chopping techniques.

The food, knife and trays are kept in the little bag so nothing gets lost.

After playing for he crawled into his boat with the food pieces. He was "washing" the fruits and veggies so they would be clean enough to eat!

Little kids really watch EVERYTHINg we do!

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