Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Concept - Time!

Recently the little guy has been showing some understanding of time. It's a big thing when kids figure out yesterday/today/tomorrow or even just earlier/now/later.
Daddy had to go on a business trip so little guy and I made a picture calendar to help him understand when Daddy left and when he's coming back. So far it's really helping. It gives me a way to answer the inevitable "Dada doko?" (where's Daddy) questions.

The top line of stickers is for Daddy's activities while he's away. He has meetings most days so it really isn't interesting to look at. The bottom line is our plans for each day. The little guy seems to like knowing what will happen that day so maybe we'll extend this into a regular calendar activity?
Sometimes the little guy will go and get the calendar from the fridge and bring it to me to talk about it. He keeps telling me "Daddy, plane" and then signs the plane flying away. It will be interesting to see if he understands when Daddy walks in the door after being away for a week!

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