Friday, October 16, 2015

Tooth Fairy or Throwing Teeth? 5 Fav. Tooth Books

We've had some interesting adventures with loosing teeth. The most recent was Zilla having a tooth come out just as the plane we were on headed down the runway to take off. It was a bit or a surprise and with hankies, tissues and other helpful items stowed in the carry-on baggage we were in a bit of a pinch. Also, where do you put a tooth when you are on a plane for the next 12 hours or so? Also, how does the tooth fairy make a visit on an overnight flight?

Thankfully I had a small bag handy for the tooth and Zilla doesn't believe in the tooth fairy... but he did still ask if he could have some money!

We have a number of tooth themed books that we enjoy from time to time. Here are out 5 favorites!

1. Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World by Selby Beeler
2. The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss
3. The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist by Stan & Jan Berenstain
4. Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile by Tomie dePaola
5. Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth By Lucy Cousins

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