Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oregon Trail Ruts

One of the coolest things we saw this summer was ruts along the Oregon Trail.
Like so many of my generation I grew up playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIGS. It took a story from the history books and made it come alive. For many of us it was the first computer game that pulled at us emotionally. We learned the names of the key locations, struggled with the decision of what supplies to buy and felt crushed when fording the river didn't go well.

During our journey last summer we had a few times we were near the Oregon trail but the one that stands out in our memories is the Oregon Trail Ruts in Wyoming. Being able to walk a bit of the trail, feel the sun beating down, see the open plains... it made it easy to imagine we were in the same place at a different time!

This trip across the plains was also a great time to talk with the kids about various aspects of history and human nature. There were many unknowns, misconceptions and mistakes made. If we can learn from those things we can have a better future. It was also a time of great perseverance, creativity and faith.

Here are some of the books about the pioneer life that we've enjoyed!
The Little House on the Prairie Series

Little Luther had a bit of a decision...
Head west to the great state of Oregon or follow the trail back east to St. Louis, to meet up with some friends.

What has your #LittleLuther been up to?

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