Thursday, May 10, 2012

Travel Activities

Zilla is 4 years old
Mega is 19 months old

There are a couple of previous posts on here with ideas for activities for kids while traveling.  The Toddler Bag Activities and Plane/Train Entertainment for Toddlers are two posts that I look to when packing for a trip.  It is interesting each time to see which activities go over well and which are overlooked. Here are a few favorite (in addition to ones from the previous posts!) from our most recent long-haul journey:

 These books when paired with a dry erase marker or two work well for preschoolers. Zilla likes them so much he asks to do them even at home.

Sesame Street Play-n-learn Mazes Tall Spiral Write on Wipe Off

Zilla is using the books from the abbove post and Mega is practicing putting pegs in holes with a game from the $1 store.  This game has small pieces which make it not ideal for in a vehicle but it would be useful at a table in a hotel room, etc.

50 Things To Do On A Plane is a set of cards with various activities that can be done with a dry erase marker. There is a good range of activities.  Some are partner games - perfect for playing with a parent or sibling.  We only made it through the first 10 or so on our 13 hour flight as Zilla found an activity card he loved and kept doing it over and over again. Definitely taking this along the next time we travel!
I highly recommend having a bag to keep the marker, eraser and cards together.

 An old favorite - stickers and paper.  

Different stickers, just as much fun. 

Interactive cloth books 

ABC stickers and stencils with more paper :-) 

 Fireknife Boy and Hula Girl - great fun for a couple of kids who love Hawaiians!

Magnet book of vehicles 

Another classic - lacing cards cut from cardboard with yarn tied on.

reusable sticker books 

Finger puppet circus from Ikea 

And, last but not least, the activity bag of planes...
Zilla was really interested in this combo as it helped him to understand the things we saw and did at the airports and on the planes.

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