Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Yochien Things

It seems that there is a great number of things Zilla needs for yochien (preschool/kinder) which means there are many things that I have to keep track of.  We now have a dresser drawer dedicated to all the bits and pieces!

 This is a head covering to be used in the event of a disaster.  The things folds up into a nice square to become the kid's seat cushion.  Once a month or so it gets sent home so we can wash the outside of the cushion and the kids and practice putting on the inside part.

Here is one to the two exercise uniforms.   

This is the other excercise uniform.  It goes over the shorts set.  
There are specific days when they are asked to wear this to school so I have to keep track of those... as well as which days are hot lunch, which are bring a bento... which are full days of school, which have early dismissal... and a million other things!

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