Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heartfully Busy

There is a Japanglish/Engrish word - heartfully - which I have taken a liking to.  I think the English translation would be something like "full of heart/passion/feeling" but with these kinds of words it is hard to know for sure!
Over the past couple of weeks life has been busy so our schedule fell apart completely.  Part of it is my fault because I've been too tired to care.  It is easier to let the kids play freely than to make sure things are picked up, the activity shelf is organized and we stick to a routine.  Even in the midst of the chaos we've managed to "learn" some things!

A Valentin's Day snack/activity

"iChat" with...??? I think they started with "talking" to the grandparents and then  switched to various other relatives and friends!

Watching something on TV... most likely a couple of Valentine's Day specials (they were on DVD, not TV).

My grand plan was to have the kids make cards.  The kids had about 30 minutes of interest and then they were so over it!  Next time I'll have them make 1 card and then copy it to send to everyone.  The other problem is that I haven't sent any of the cards yet! Oops...

Zilla's new book of mazes.  The geographic theme goes well with the world map on the wall.

Their first "kids only" movie time - Whinnie the Pooh - and popcorn!

 Amazingly the pencils in the pringles can is still a popular activity!

Mega love to pour things.  Here she is pouring pompoms from a plastic bottle into a bowl. 

The train is always a favorite.  It seems like each month they get a little closer to being able to play with it together with minimal fighting.  Right now the biggest challenge is helping Mega to be aware of where her body is and how it can break apart the track!

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Medea said...

I've adopted a few katakana expressions too, like "level up!"