Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hat Basket

Mega is 18 months old

Here is a little thing which has become a very helpful thing.  A plastic mirror with magnets on the back so it can stay on the fridge.  I'm always trying to keep the "little helpers" busy in the kitchen as they love to be near me yet things get done a lot quicker/easier when they are not actually helping.  
Near the mirror on the fridge is a basket with hats and a couple of masks.  Eventually I'll probably add sunglasses and some other accessories but so far the hats provide a good 5-10 minutes of entertainment on most days.  The mirror itself is also great for entertaining as you can play peek-a-boo, make faces and experiment with reflections.


Lulu said...

Oh I love this idea!! The mirror in general but the hat basket as well. Will "pin" the post to remind me once we are all moved into the new house. I have been meaning to put a dress up basket together for awhile as Noah is finally starting to show interest in learning to dress himself. We don`t have many issues with undressing {except sometimes with sweaters...I imagine in summer he will get this skill down pat though} but he will only attempt to put on his shoes but nothing else {Have tried to teach him to put his own jacket on. He is not interested}

Enjoyed catching up with your blog just now.

Houdini said...

Glad you can use the idea! As you prepare to move if you keep an eye out for fun/interesting things in your wardrobe you may come across some good dress-up clothes for the boys :-)