Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seek & Play Puzzle

Zilla is 4 years old
Miss Mega is 1 yr. 4 mo. old
For his birthday Zilla received the Seek & Play Puzzle: Huckle's House.  

Since he really enjoys the Richard Scarry books and learning videos (DVDs) that we have I thought this would be a real treat for him.  We saved the "first play" for a time when Mega was napping and Daddy was home.  He waited a month but it was worth it.  
The thing I like the most is that this is more than just a kid's puzzle.  The house design with familiar characters is a natural conversation starter.  
The puzzle also comes with question cards which ask you to look for various items.  Emo and I were very impressed with the vocabulary that Zilla can understand.  Of course some things, like lawn mower and attic, which we don't have and he hasn't seen in years, were a little tricky for him to figure out.  Even though he can't ready yet he was able to understand the pictures on the cards enough to ask us to look for various things.  
The paper that the cards are printed on would be fine for older kids but with a toddler wandering about I went ahead and laminated them.  Hopefully they will last until Mega is old enough for the kids to enjoy this puzzle together!

I think he might enjoy the Busytown Seek & Play Puzzle for Christmas!

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