Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sensory Table 幼児の感覚のテーブル

There is a wonderful thing within the foreign community in Japan called the "Sayonara Sale".  It is the time before someone leaves the country, during which they sell off whatever they can.  While the reasons for leaving vary greatly, these sales can be a real opportunity to pick up some things you would not otherwise be able to get. 

A couple of months ago I bought a sensory table at a Sayonara Sale.  Even though we don't have a lot of room, making space for this table has been well worth it - especially since we've stayed inside through most of the summer.  

Here are some of the ways it has been put to use:
  Cars at a farm....
 I love that it keeps small & sharp toys like this off the kitchen floor and in a confined space.
Water and ice - a favorite on the hottest of days.  Moving the table outside is a good idea if you are planning to use more than an inch or two of water!

Blocks - Mega is serious about her blocks and is not a fan of my taking pictures while she works.  I like that the table puts the blocks at just the right height for her and again, keeps them contained.  While she plays with the blacks I am able to prepare dinner or get groceries put away.

There are so many ideas and options.  I look forward to arranging activities to go into the table as we work through various topics this year.
We have only had the table for a short time and already it is one of the most useful things in our home!

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