Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lessons from B-Bears

For our little "School Time" each day we are using a set of lesson plans created by a homeschooling mom which she has shared on her blog.  It is "Year of Learning Our Lessons with The Berenstain Bears".  It is a very natural choice for us as Zilla loves the B-Bears books and I have a pretty large collection from my own childhood.
Last year I rediscovered the B-Bears when I noticed that some of the newer books included more faith/church life topics. It is great to see a series in which well known and loved characters also pray, read the Bible and use it as a guide for life.

For the first lesson we started out with "The Berenstain Bears Trouble At School".  We added B-Bears "Go To School" "Come Clean for School" "Go To Sunday School" and "How To Get Along at School".  Basically I took pulled all of the B-Bears books from my collection with the name "school" in the title!  Since Zilla is preschool age (and Mega is along for the ride) we focused more on "Go To School" in which Sister Bear goes to kindergarten for the first time.
To round out our lessons we learned about Jesus boyhood "school time" when he was at the temple talking with the teachers - and his parents didn' know where he was.  We also watched the Signing Time video "Welcome To School". During the activity times Zilla worked on worksheets from his Kumon writing and cutting workbooks. To suffice Zilla's nearly constant request for science experiments we have started using the "Pop Bottle Science" set.  You should see me try to explain things like molecules in a way a preschooler can comprehend!!!

 Mega is 1 year 1 month old
Zilla is 3 years 10 months old

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