Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Things Work

Little Guy is 3 years and 2 months old
For the past few weeks my days have been filled with "Why, Mommy, why?"
It is the answer to just about every question....
It is the question which drives me crazy!!!

The Little Guy is really into knowing everything about everything.
"How does the elevator work?"  "Why do we have to stand behind the yellow line?" "Why do we need a ticket?"  "Where does the money go?" "How does the train work?" "Why are you carrying my sister?" 
These are just a few of the questions from the 5 minutes we spent waiting to get on the train.  Can you imagine this going on all day long?!?!

Ok, I don't mind the questions most of the time and I try my best to give understandable answers... but there are some things I simply don't know.  Of course if I say that I don't know the answer the next question is "Why don't you know?" "Why don't you find the answer and tell me?"  "Why, Mommy, Why?"

So, I am on the search for books that will help a 3 yr. old to understand things.  I came across "How Things Work" by Conrad Mason on Amazon.  If you click on the link you can take a peek inside.  The lift-the-flap format works great for showing the inside of various machines.  Also, the explanations are simple yet detailed enough for even me to understand how an engine works.

If you have a curious preschooler this book may be just the thing to satisfy a bit of the curiosity!  (For a day at least...)

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