Saturday, February 20, 2010

Buckel Practice

One of the Montessori items that I've wanted to buy but maybe could make is the dressing frames. Here is a Japanese page with the frames pictured at the bottom.
When I was a kid we had "quiet books" and a stuffed bus with buttons, zipper, etc. These items served the same purpose as the dressing frame but in a less obvious way.
During the past few weeks the Little Guy has become Daddy's personal dressing assistant. He really loves belts. I guess he beat me to the dressing frames!
One of the biggest benefits to the dressing frames is practicing fine motor skills. Unless you've had some sort of rehabilitation as an adult you probably don't realize how tough things like buttons and zippers really are!
Also, when the child masters a frame the sense of accomplishment is huge! Dressing skills are something they will use daily. Plus parents will enjoy the benefits that the added independence brings!

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