Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beach Days with Kids

One of the things we love to do the most in summer is visit the beach.
A successful beach trip, especially when traveling by train, is partially the result of careful planning.

I saw this video on Facebook this week and it reminded me of some of my favorite tips that I've received.  Here's our Top 5!
- Keep a bottle of clean water for washing sand out of eyes.
- Use baby powder to help dry/wipe sandy feet.
- Store sand and beach toys in a mesh laundry bag
- Pack quick-dry towels so they will dry between uses
- Pack healthy food - fruits and veggies - with bottles of frozen drinking water

Our beach packing list usually includes:

Wet/sandy bag (big Ikea plastic bag)
 - Inflatable inner tubes for the kids
 - Kid's lifejackets
 - Sand toys in mesh bag
 - Small sun shade tent
 - Bottle of water for washing sand from eyes

In the Cooler
 - Frozen Nalgene bottles of water
 - Fresh fruit and veggies cut and in baggies or empty milk cartons
 - wet washcloth for wiping hands

 - Suntan lotion
 - Phone (in a water/sand proof bag)
 - Change of clothes for end of day (in a plastic bag that will hold wet clothes when done)
 - More snacks
 - Towels

Looking for a beach? Here are some links to information & even some example itineraries from moms!
Atami Sun Beach, Shizuoka
Onjuku in Chiba
Inn By The Sea - Kamakura
Chiba - Splash Guest House

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