Saturday, November 15, 2014

Turkey + Math

Today we started with preparing for Thanksgiving. 
As the kids get bigger they become more aware of various customs and traditions as well as the work that goes into them. They slosh ask to lend a hand. This year I let the pick out the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. While this may sound like an easy task it actually takes a bit of calculating with a regular household Japanese oven. 
The first step was to measure the oven. Ours is bigger than most but still tiny compared to a US oven. 
For the second step we went to Costco. Zilla was anxious to get his hands on a turkey so he asked for directions in the meat department and went off in search of the elusive bird. He remembered what the package looked like from last year. That was impressive!
Third step was measuring one of the smaller birds. This was a really good real life math lesson. As they measured they figured out that the length and height are different if you measure along the bird rather than measuring at the highest/longest places. Since they were using measuring tapes from Ikea which have inches on one side and centimeters on the other is was also a chance to look at the difference between those numbers.
Overall I must say that this lesson was a success! 
Tomorrow perhaps we'll calculate how long the bird needs to defrost...

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