Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Inspiration

Mega is 2 years old
Zilla is 5 years old
Lesson: Anything can inspire creativity.
Lesson 2; watch out when inspiration strikes!
I try to be understanding of the kid's need to try and do various things...
I try to have items available that can be easily turned into something else with a bit of inspiration...
I try to stay out of the way and be an observer when the creative juices flow...
I try not to stop the creative process...
But sometimes it is difficult!
They are riding down the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon, facing the rivers, mountains and plains with a sometimes unwilling team of horses.
Mega made up her own gross motor Montessori style activity which is worthy of going in an album!
She lined up our milk carton boxes and then went jumping from box to box down the line. Her two footed hoping improved greatly after doing this for a couple of days!
My heart returned to normal rhythm a few days after that... You can't tell from the picture but the end of her jumping course has some hard furniture and a class door - neither of which would be forgiving if is she didn't stop at the right place. Part of the fangs of a small house...
While this may look like a marble run to you and me it can be so many other things like a distribution machine for ice cream ;-)
Of course not all creative endeavors are as far stretched...
Here they are filling the time before Zilla heads to school for the day with math lessons. While it all looks rather normal, Zilla's way of explaining addition to a 2 year old who can count to 8 but only really understand the numbers 1 - 4 was rather interesting!
Perhaps he should consider education as a career?

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