Thursday, May 9, 2013

Backyard Beach

There is a show in Disney Channel called Phineas and Ferb.
When I first saw the show I couldn't get past the style of animation - it is not my preferred style.
Somehow, my kids got hooked on the show so I gave it a 2nd chance.

The basic story line of the show is that 2 brothers, Phineas and Ferb, try to find interesting ways to spend their summer vacation.  They have very active imaginations and are pretty intelligent so they have a number of adventures but each time they do something their sister, Candice, tries to catch them so she can tattle on them.

One thing the show has done is give my kids more inspiration for their play times.  They've also become fans of a few of the songs so we have them on the iPad to listen to.

Recently we had a few days at home (contagious sickness) when they felt good but we couldn't be around other people so when I let them out to play they were pretty bored as we don't have a yard and there is on so much you can do in our small "parking lot".

Then, inspiration struck.
If you look carefully you can see some palm trees drawn on the wall with chalk.  To the right of them is a sailboat and a sun.  On the ground we have an ocean tidal pool complete with starfish and other creatures.  With a bit of sand drawn on the kids decided they needed to all a blanket (which they are sitting on) and a picnic basket next to it.
Have you guessed what they created?
It's their very own Backyard Beach!

Since we'll have to wait a while before we can make it to a real beach this will have to do!

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