Thursday, April 4, 2013

Trying to Keep up

One thing that I've tried to do since the kids were born is to try to keep up with their development. Sometimes I can stay ahead of their interests and have "just the right thing" ready for the next stage of learning and other times I've been left in the dust as they have learned something new and mastered it before I had a chance to notice!
One thing I've wanted to do for the past couple years is take some kind of course that will help me to make the most of this time we have together, not just my kids but also the time with the babies & toddlers that I teach. Kids grow and learn so quickly!
Next week I'll start teaching a new class for parents/babies and since it is new I have a blank slate to work from. This is a great chance to try out some ideas I've had as well as do a bit more studying about how babies learn and what activities are good to do at which stage. With this in mind I've started working toward a Montessori diploma for 0-3 year olds. The first set of materials arrived today!

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