Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentin's Time

Valentine's Day is a welcome celebration in our home.  The kids love to share the love!

One evening they took over the living room table to make cards.  
We have a hard time working at the regular table winter in because even with the heater on it is so cold in that room!  Thus is life without insulation... ;-)

 A little Valentine's making while waiting for breakfast...

 We've started using chalk to leave messages by the front gate.

A special "love-love" bento for Zilla as he had school on the 14th.  Usually my husband and I take turns making bentos but on this day we teamed up to "show our love"!
Zilla did try to convince me that because it is Valentine's Day he should stay home with his family, who he loves, instead of go to class.  Perhaps next year?

We've also been reading a lot of Valentine's books!  Here is a link to some of our favorites!

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