Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Messy Girl Eater!!!

This blog has been silent for a few weeks as I have been overwhelmed / worn out.  With Miss Mega waking up before 6 AM most days and before 5 AM on some I am running low on sleep.  Too often I fall asleep when putting the kids to bed at 8PM!!!

Part of my exhaustion is that my meal partner for 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks is at a stage where she plays/experiments with her food and drinks.  Zilla went through this phase too but it was nowhere near as bad as Mega!!!

Seriously, this girl irks me.  I know it is a phase but it is so much easier to deal with these things when there is another parent at home for at least a meal or two each day.

Sorry I don't have picture proof but I won't encourage her behavior by taking a picture.  Some times (when I'm in a good mood) it takes all I have not to laugh at her antics.  When the good mood is gone it takes just as much energy not to throw a fit myself!

I know kids grow quickly and we should enjoy every moment but there are just some phases I with we could rush through and be done with! :-)

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