Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book + Stickers = New Activity

Have you ever received a children's book with additional stickers and thought "oh, no..."?  I have that thought almost every time.  Either the stickers end up stuck to inappropriate places or I have to deal with the kids constantly asking to use the stickers.

Today I finally found the solution!
Before the kids get their mits on the stickers you can turn them into "I spy..." or "Seek and Find..." cards.

Here are the stickers for our new B-Bears book "All Things Bright and Beautiful" put to a good use.  I took 3x5 index cards, (in Japan hagaki size would work well) cut them in half and put a stickers on each side of the card.  After writing on the name of the object in the picture, I laminated the cards and punched a hole so they can be strung together on a pipe cleaner.  If you have more than one book it is a good to make a title card with the name of the book.

While preparing the cards I noticed that I was paying more attention to the pictures in the book than I have before.  It is amazing how many of the small details I've missed even though we've been reading this book over and over again.  My kids are a lot more perceptive than I am which (in some ways) makes this activity easier for them than it is for me!

Perhaps tonight, after the kids are in bed, I'll go on a hunt for the other books with stickers!

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