Friday, December 30, 2011

Pete and Repete

Miss Mega is 1 year and 4 months old
Zilla is 4 years old
Pete and Repeat went out in a boat.
Pete fell in, so who was left?

Ok, so that works better if you hear it than if you see it written...

My kids are Pete and Repete!  Whatever one does the other one must do also.
 Daddy on the computer... Mega on the "computer"...

Mommy pushes one kid in the stroller while wearing another... Mega pushes one kid in the stroller while wearing another...

Ok, so these are cute pictures and some of the cute copying moments.  We've had a number of not-so-cute ones too.
 - Zilla going to the bathroom, Mega ready to hand him the toilet paper and help him wipe his butt
 - Both of them sitting on the same chair to eat supper, sharing utensils, bowls and cups
 - Both screaming because one received the snack before the other (literally only seconds before!!!)
 - One gets out scissors and pencils when told not to so the other one gets them out too
 - Zilla wanting to play with Mega's baby toys
 - If one climbs up something the other one is no doubt on the way over to climb up too

While I love that they get along there are days that I wish they would put their energy to better use!

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