Thursday, August 18, 2011

2nd Opinions can be Good

This week on top of fighting jet lag as we try to return to "normal" life in this time zone, we've also been dealing with intense heat outside and Mega having a high fever for a few days.
This morning we woke up to Mega's rash-covered face.  Throughout the morning the rash spread and darkened.  The first first doctor who saw her heard about the fever and suggested that she be seen by a specialist as the symptoms could be caused by Rubella, Measles or Roseola, among other viruses. So, today a 2nd opinion was a good thing.  The 2nd doctor nailed it down to Roseola (突発性発疹).  When asked about being contagious his response was to the tune of " All kids get it sometime so don't worry if she spreads it" - not exactly the information we were looking for!  But I am thankful that in a country where sicknesses are taken very seriously that the one my daughter has is one that the Dr. isn't very concerned about.
A quick search online has shown that she is most likely no longer contagious.

When the kids get sick with something like this that "everyone gets" (in Japan, remember that I didn't grow up here) it make me wonder if I've had the sickness, or had a strain which is similar enough to prevent me from catching it from them!

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