Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I just had possibly the best bedtime ever.  While Daddy went to tuck in the Little Guy (or perhaps the other way around?) I told this sleeping little miss that it was night-night time.  She kind of looked at me and smiled... hmm... usually that means she's off to play someplace else...
So, I put Glow Worm down on a zabuton (floor pillow) and covered it (?) with an onsen towel and again said & signed "night-night".  The Little Lady came over and pulled the towel off of glow worm and tried to wrap it around herself so I laid down and patted the space next to me and again said/signed "night-night".  Guess what?  She got the hint and came to lay down next to me!
After about 10 minutes of rubbing her back and listening to Glow Worm's music the little sleepy head dozed off.  I wish it could always be so simple!!!
Of course I know have a sleeping baby in the middle of the living room floor so she'll probably wake up at the first noise but hey, she's asleep for now!

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