Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mama's Club Theater

Ok, so we are not big movie buffs but we do enjoy the occasional flick. So why today you wonder? Well, it's simple really - a chance to go + a movie that looked interesting.
There is something called "Mama's Club Theater" which is held by Toho Cinema. The page with some English is here. I found out about these special showings over a year ago but the closest place to us was about hour away by train and the movies were usually on days that we weren't free.
Now that we moved the theater at the next train station has Mam's Club Theater usually on my husband's day off so we can even go as a family! Now to find movies worth paying 1,800 yen ($18) a person to see...

Are you wondering what is so special about these movie showings? Well, it's simple really. Babies and toddlers are welcome. The lights don't go all the way off, the sound isn't as loud and the kids can roam freely. The Little Guy stayed in his seat for about the 1st half and spent the 2nd half making friends with babies and exploring the front rows. Most of the people in the theater had kids under 2 yrs. old with them.
I'll be checking the homepage regulraly to so when the next time is they are showing a movie that I want to watch!

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