Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hand Print Gift Ideas

For the last Baby Signing Time class before Christmas I wanted to do something special. One of the best ornaments on our tree is the paper dough hand and foot prints that we made with the Little Guy for his first Christmas. We also sent prints as presents to the grandparents and Godparents that year. I wanted to find a project we could easily do during class time but that could also become a great gift like these ornaments were.
The paper dough for the hand prints is just the regular かみねんどfrom the 100 yen shop. After they dried I used a watered down glitter glue and paint mix to add a bit of sparkle. On the back we wrote the Little Guy's name a birthdate with a felt tipped pen.
The project we ended up doing for the signing classes was painted hand prints. I know my mom did this with us when we were kids because Grandma our prints hung on her wall for years and years! (they may actually still be up... haven't checked recently)
Each mom and baby lightly painted their hands and then pressed them on a piece of white paper. The paint is of course washable and it's a good thing we did this at the start of class because they took about an hour to dry.
Some of the mothers were really impressed and asking about other hand print ideas that could be turned into gifts. I told them about this one Embroidered Hand Prints. I have yet to try it but we may give it a shot next year.

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