Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's in Your Diaper Bag? ママバッグ

For the Mommies English class this week we talked about what is in your diaper bag. With a bit of show and tell we discovered more about each person's personality. We also talked about how the contents (and in some cases the size) have changed as the baby grows.
It was also fun to think back to the first time we packed the bag to go out. We packed for every possible situation! Now, 1 or 2 years later, we are more likely to err on the side of not being prepared!!!
Here are some of our favorite things to keep in the diaper bag:

Knot-a-Bag ノット・ア・バッグ by Smart Start - By far the most used item in the diaper bag besides the diapers! There appears to be a new eco version out too.
Chair Belt チェアベルト- It can turn most any chair into a high chair. (Of course the baby needs to be able to sit on his/her own first)
Teether/Feeder トレーニングマンマ- Great for babies from 5 months to a year old. It can help them to work on chewing and enjoy new foods without worrying about choking. It's good to buy a few extra nets right away. The only caution I have is that bananas will turn the nets brown.
MagMag Cup Set マグマグ- The tops can be changed to grow with your baby. We've been using the same set since the start. A carrying case and replacement straw parts also come in handy!
Pampers Bibsters ビブスター - Disposable bids are great for when you're out and about or the little one will indulge in something that stains like berries!
Snack Trap スナックカップ - A great way to keep little treats from spilling all over!
Paper Carton Holder パックホルダー - Another way to help save on stains. Holding a juice or milk pack without squeezing the drink all over yourself is really a fine art. I never leave home without it!
Pocket Sling ベビーホルダー - Folds up small so it's easy to take when you aren't sure if you'll need it or not. Comes in handy when baby no longer wants to ride in the stoller or toddler is tired of walking.

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