Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photo Shoot 思い出フレームとアルバム

At Studio Pure in Nishiogikubo you can use the Suginami-ku Kossodate (child rearing) Coupons to pay for a photo shoot and album decorationg session. 西荻窪にあるスタジオピュアでは、杉並区の子育て応援券を使って「親子で作る『思い出フレーム・アルバム』」ができますよ。
We took advantage of this good deal to get a few nice pictures of the little guy. Even though he really wasn't in the mood to work with us the studio staff did a great job of trying to draw out his smiles.
The basic set includes just one photo but you can pay extra to include an aditional photo or to get extra prints, etc. Anythign beyond the basic set though cannot be paid with the Kosodate Coupons.
About 2 weeks after the photos are taken you go back to the studio for the album/frame decorating. You choose a set of 3 colors of paper and a set of scrapbooking stickers to start with. There are aditional supplies to use in decorating as well as a number of expample albums to provide inspiration.

THis is just one great way to use your Kosodate Coupons!

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